onedotzero festival 2011: wavelength 11 review

Music videos nowadays seem to be just as “mass-produced” as the music itself. That’s why you’d expect the ones that made it to a festival like onedotzero to be somehow exceptional.

Unfortunately half of the videos in this screening programme looked like parts of one single long video with cuts on every other frame to match the electronic beat of the song. Record companies usually push the directors to do this, but if you’re not one of those who are used to bouncing under stroboscopes all night long, this will only give you a headache.

In the other half of the programme however, there were beautiful visuals, great ideas and meaningful narratives, that were not trying desperately to sell anything, except for their message.

Running Order

Interesting collection of monochromatic shots that perfectly fit this battle hymn.

Living Sisters – How Are You Doing?
Amusing little story, where everything goes wrong but ends happily.

Amongst Giants – Turn
Strong message communicated by pleasant clean visuals and supported by engaging music. What more would you want from an animated music video.

Secret Skwirl – Jeez Louise
This animation is way too trippy for this old school song in my opinion. Pictures changing on every frame get repetitive very soon. Nice tune though.

Justice – Civilization
Unusual dreamlike music video criticism of our civilization hidden and obvious at the same time. Works very well with the song.

Battles – Ice Cream
Crazy song required a crazy video. Cocktail of random shots and video-editing tricks.

Flying Lotus – Kill Your Co-Workers
It’s always nice to see a 3D animation that doesn’t have that typical boring 3D look. And of course… killer robots never fail!

The Japanese Popstars – Let Go
Though well animated and thought through this type of morphing music video is turning into a cliche… and the music didn’t really help it either.

Hooray For Earth – “True Loves”
Conceptually interesting zoom in on our planet.

16bit – Dinosaurs

Seasick Steve – You Can’t Teach An Old Dog New Tricks
Animated alter-ego of Seasick Steve. Nice little video.

DELS – Capsize
Lot of post production, but…

Unkle – Runaway (Pointman Re-edit)
Typical 3D look based on the original spray paint graffiti from Futura 2000 of yesteryear.

Porter Robinson – Spitfire
Paintball commercial.

Studio Killers – Ode To The Bouncer

Phonat – Ghetto Burnin
Ideal as a live projection at a rave.

Happy Camper – Born With A Bothered Mind
This one was a delight. Funny and narrative.

Chad VanGaalen – Peace On The Rise
Hippie music, hippie video, interesting idea.

Flying V – Dirty Deeds
Nice combination of real world with CGI.

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