onedotzero festival 2011: extended play 11 review

Extended play was a parade of various visual styles as well as storytelling approaches. Everybody must have found their favorite film in this block. Simple to laborious techniques, funny as well as serious plots and both traditional and experimental innovative takes on animation were seen.

Animation Tag Attack
Over ten animators created various parts of this short film each in their own style. Due to the ever-changing look of characters the story is a little hard to follow, but in the end you get the main idea.

Paths of Hate
Stunning animation style combining all sorts of techniques. Great atmosphere, music, directing. My favorite from the whole festival.

Very unusual take on… friendship I guess. Interesting short film.

Masterfully crafted animation about how children don’t always turn out as expected.

The Thomas Beale Cipher
Digital cut-out animation based on a true legend of the famous unsolved code.

The Backwater Gospel
Another fantastic morality tale narrated by Denmark Animation Workshop. A village terrified by the coming of the Undertaker, evil priest and one crippled street singer… who is he coming for?

A Morning Stroll
Three versions of the same story in three different times. Also three different styles. Loosely based on the book True Tales of American Life.

Sticky Ends
Animation of more traditional style. The man with a fish head isn’t exactly lucky, but he happens to bring luck to others.

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