Mapping Festival 2011: A/V Performance – Impermanent Synchronic

@ Spoutnik Cinema: Audio Visual Dance Performance
Friday 27th May, Midnight
Impermanent Synchronic

Impermanent Synchronic is masterminded by a team of very talented creative artists who together have built an audio-visual dance performance. Each member of the team playing to their strengths to develop the live show. VJ Fader was very much a main player in this years Mapping Festival with a VJ installation gig, entry into the VJ Contest and also in charge of the visuals for this live performance. The music was created and performed by Tilman Porschuetz, Choreography by Adrian Sierra, Live Dance from Aya Irizuki, Elsée DALL’AVA and Costume Desgn from Elséee Dall’ava.

Impermanent Synchronic

The essence of Impermanent Synchronic is to create one vision – one harmonised output if you like from all the different mediums. Those being audio, video, animation, video-mapping, the movement of peoples bodies and the clothing they are wearing. Each part of the puzzle responding to the changes in the sound, video or movement.

In essence you can imagine that music is simply the arrangement of musical notes set out over a timeline in a linear fashion. If you can compare that to the measurement of physical distances you can begin to see the relation between them. This piece aims to push the boundaries of that perception by synchronising all the different elements so that they respond to each other to present a single vision.

All dressed in white outfits – a sort of clothing based version of a projection screen – the stage was set, adding depth to what would otherwise be a normal cinema screen.

Impermanent Synchronic

It began with icons and lines being drawn live onto the bodies of the 2 people on stage. Essentially using the human body as a template to create musical form. As the performance moved on you began to see how it worked in reverse too, if one of the dancers made movements then corresponding images would appear on the screen, for example as a splash of colour.

One of the highlights of the performance was the sequence in the image below – the black and white squares pulsating with the rhythm of the dancers and the hypnotic sounds of the music. This for me was the epitome of the message they were trying to portray. A single unified output. As you see the dancers running on the spot in slow motion and the background moving in time – it was almost as if you could imagine the dancers moving through a digital frontier of space and time.

Impermanent Synchronic

If the description above has bent your brain a little more than it can take… just watch the clips below… or for more information, check out the links at the bottom of the page.

Impermanent Synchronic: Part 1

Impermanent Synchronic: Part 2

Director, Visual Design – Fader
Dancers – Aya Irizuki, Elsée DALL’AVA
Sound – Tilman Porschuetz
Choreography – Adrian Sierra
Costume – Elséee Dall’ava

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Tilman Porschuetz
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