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Outdoor and ‘Pop-up’ Cinemas are proving very popular this year, maybe it’s the weather, the added extras thrown into liven up the experience or the desire to see film in a different setting, away from the standard sticky floored over price multiplexes that have taken over from local small scale theatres, putting nearly all of them out of business.

Here at Front Row Reviews we’ve had the chance to experience a few of these outdoor screenings so far this year and they haven’t disappointed.

Lexi Cinema presents NOMAD, driven by SAAB… the latest offering from the team that bought you ‘Screen on The Green’ last years hit alfresco cinema experience, is a travelling cinema which is making appearances throughout London and beyond over the summer.

nomad-cinema-1More than just an outside screen the guys from Nomad offer a cinematic experience tailored to complement each film. Front Row Reviews visited the Nomad as it passed through Greenwich, in the amazing surroundings of the Old Royal Naval College.

Approaching the gated green you could see the screen in the distance which was larger than many of the outdoor screens we’ve seen in action this year. We were greeted by the Nomad staff, who were more than helpful, and chief organiser George Wood who gave us a brief rundown of the philosophy behind Nomad, the scale of the organisation and the planned screenings set for this summer. During it’s weekend in Greenwich the Nomad team were proud to bring us Memento, Time Bandits and Groundhog Day. All having a time-based theme highlighting the setting, so near to the official line of the Greenwich Meridian.

Using a 15,000 lumen projector, allowed the guys to start the film earlier than most outdoor films which was fantastic, allowing us to appreciate our surroundings as the sun went down. Looking out across the river at the sun going down behind Canary Wharf.


Additional sponsors for the event were London based brewery Meantime, offering all locally produced beers. A pleasant change to the usual commercial bars full of imported beverages.

Supplying food for the evening, some guys in their shining silver American style Airstream Trailer.

nomad-lova-da-popGoing to the cinema is not the same without popcorn and Nomad did not let us down. ‘Love Da Pop’ were on hand to provide gourmet hand cooked popcorn in three amazing flavours. Caramel, White Chocolate and Salt & Pepper. If you ever get a chance to try their wares, I would personally recommend the White Chocolate. It had everything I find lacking in most run of the mill ‘sweet’ popcorns, incredibly moreish without becoming sickly, we had to ration ourselves to make it last throughout the film. The guys have recently applied to Dragons Den, so you may see more of them in the near future!

Time Bandits


Opening Terry Gilliams ‘Time Bandits’ in full costume, were some little people in possession of a certain map belonging to the Supreme Being. Popping up in the audience to pose for photos and generally making mischief, they really added to the atmosphere. Some of the kids faces in the audience were a picture as they watched the goings on in disbelief. The crowd was mainly a mix of families with parents passing their love of this classic movie, date night couples enjoying the riverside ambience and groups of guys who remember cheering on our heroes as they jump through time and space.

Hopefully there’s no need to review ‘Time Bandits’ itself here as I’m sure you’ve all seen it, but if you haven’t, shame on you go rent/buy it now.

Groundhog Day


After the good time had on the Saturday, FRR returned on the Sunday evening to watch the Bill Murray classic Groundhog Day.

This time it was introduced by Tomasz Schafernaker, the famous BBC weatherman. We were treated to clips from live weather broadcasts of Tomasz making a fool of himself, which got everyone in the mood to laugh before the film commenced.

Again, we’re not going to review the film here, most of you will, like Bill Murray, have seen Groundhog Day many times. You know it doesn’t disappoint!

And so, roll on the Nomad. It’s journey continues throughout Summer until 30th September.

They are screening a good range of films from family favourites to classic horror films and everything in between. Films showing include The Life Aquatic, The Wicker Man, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Finding Nemo, The King’s Speech and many more.

The venues are all iconic and striking places to visit. All with real history behind them and stunning grounds to sit back and relax in, watching some of your favourite films. Some of the locations include; Rochester Castle, Regents Park, Brockwell Lido and many others.

We cannot recommend the Nomad Cinema enough. Tickets throughout the season are priced between £8 – £18.50. For a unique cinematic experience, check out the links below and see where the Nomad is off to next.

NOMAD Cinema
Lexi Cinema
Meantime Brewery
Love Da Pop

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