Dr Seuss’ The Lorax – Review (EIFF 2012 – #edfilmfest)

Gather round readers, I’ve something to say
About a nice film that I saw today
A film called the Lorax about goldfish and trees
About Thneedville and singing and odd families

It’s really quite a good animation,
Though it’s likely to cause an amount of frustration:
For although it bears the name Dr. Seuss,
This adaptation’s a little bit loose.

The morals delivered are rather hamfisted:
We must save the earth! Business is twisted!
As fables go, it’s not very subtle
But to those that take issue, here’s a rebuttal:

Dr Seuss wrote for kids, and the film’s for them, too
And the message is vital, even if it’s old news.
The earth DOES need saving, and money IS hollow.
If kids can get this, maybe adults will follow!
Besides these morals, there’s much to admire,
Such as quite catchy songs and shots that inspire.

The CG visuals don’t fail to impress
They’re quirky, absurd, though I must confess
That the look is too polished for Suess’ style:
A roughshod approach would be more worthwhile.
The author’s art was never this slick,
The faces less shiny, the lines were more thick

It’s a minor qualm with a film that’s quite strong:
It’s witty and daft and not very long.
The villain is naff, the writing is trite,
But it’s perfect for kids and the tone is quite light.
I liked it lots, though others might not,
But it’s got a good heart and that counts for a lot.

One final note: the 3D’s not bad,
but watch it in 2 so the best time is had.

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Nat (or Nathanael as he calls himself when he wants to sound a bit classier) is a student based in Edinburgh who watches far too many animated films for a guy his age. He even has a blog. dedicated to the subject. When he's not doing that, he's the film editor of The Journal, Edinburgh and a committed member of King's Church Edinburgh. He likes Terrence Malick far, far too much.

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