OFFF Festival presents The POOOL Magazine

This years upcoming OFFF Festival is almost upon us.

OFFF is held annually in Barcelona. A international festival and celebration of post-digital culture, taking place at Disseny Hub Museum on 6th, 7th and 8th June.

The lineup boats some extraordinary artists, including GMUNK. The special effects creator for the Tron: Legacy film and designer of movie posters such as Blade Runner.

Alongside the well-known artists are some up and coming too – encompassing many creative fields including… photography, design, publishing, advertising, television and music.

This year’s OFFF they are set to launch a new printed creature, THE POOOL.


This publication lives among the reality of a glossy magazine and annual reference book has a mission to inspire creativity where it arrives. Devised by Hector Ayuso, the architect behind the creation and evolution of the OFFF festival is presented in premiere during the festival.

This first issue will be a single run of 3,000 units. It will be distributed exclusively for free among festival goers. Pretend to be a free reference directory anyone who needs to seek inspiration in any field that requires it, could use it and find it. The Poool addresses issues that maybe taboo, and serves as a refuge to help push us beyond our contemporary limits and boundaries.”

The First issue is a luxury limited edition. A “packaging” shaped-box. Inside you will find not only the magazine / book but there will be exclusive content of international artists. A poster of Fight Club designed by the great James White. A numbered and signed photograph of one of the most celebrated photographers in the United States, Michael Muller. Home de Caramel Frames and their Super8 film inside. In short, a gem that any will want to have in his hands.

Tickets are limited but still available so head on over to for all the details.

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