OFFF Festival 2013, Barcelona – 6th June (Day 1) Report

6 / 7 / 8 June
Barcelona, Spain

Thursday 6th June

Our coverage from this years OFFF festival brings you some of the highlights, featured artists, interviews and also dedicating coverage to some of the stall holders demonstrating their latest tech or design products and services.

Split across two huge rooms at the Disseny Hub Centre. The festival showcases work from some of the world leading artists.

Speaking in the main Roots arena were North Kingdom. Discussing some of the highs and low points throughout the history and evolution of North Kingdom as a collaborative design studio. From massive 2 year projects with Adidas, model making to create real life flash games, to having no work or money during a bleak time for the company.

B-Reel who have a background in many forms of media, demonstrated their Google Web Lab project, a collaborative experiment with the London Science Museum.

Allowing users at the museum and web users, to work together in real time to create pieces of art. The guys also discussed having a balance between client work and side projects to inspire creativity and new ideas.

In the foyer area you can take advantage of the opportunity to meet some of the artists and purchase some of their beautiful work.

Cool Shit showcasing a range of t-shirts with their unique imagery that has been spreading through the net. Their latest project involving a huge sculpture of Lionel Richie’s head! More information to follow shortly on this… look out for it here soon!

Alongside were Typies. Makers of typography based accessories. Beautiful bespoke cushions in the shape of letters. Constructed with the classic ‘Helvetica’ font.

Soraia Balelo creates an entire alphabet from A-Z plus other symbols such as ampersands. Taking between 1-2 hours to make. They are sold online worldwide.

Brendan Dawes gave an entertaining speech about bridging the gap between the digital and the physical. From tinkering with microprocessors and servos, to visualising sound waves with some Processing and a Maker-Bot 3D printer via some inspiring ways of displaying and interacting with data.

Produced by Cut & Paste and presented by Nimia the first day ended off with a real-time design challenge.

They set a design brief and got three teams from local design studios to create a poster in 40 minutes, 20 minute first for hands on creation and then a further 10 minutes for digital work.

A different concept to the other lectures and performances. A great end to an inspiring day.


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