Mapping Festival 2012 – VJ Contest – Day 2 Report

Mapping Festival 2012 VJ Contest
19th May @ Spoutnik Cinema, Geneva.

Semi-finalists were:

The semi-final rules were quite challenging as the theme and content of the visuals used were chosen by the judges, the contestants had been given memory keys with archive videos and photos the day before. The music would be a 20 minute mix with each contestant getting 5 minutes to show what they had managed to do with the provided material. Each contestant had managed to use the content provided in such unique ways that fitted in well with the style that had got them this far in the competition. It was going to prove a tough decision for the judges to see who would have to challenge each other in the final round.

Chindogu – Round 3

Wallfiller – Round 3

The styles of the 4 VJs in the semi-final were so different, the guys from Wallfiller were a last minute addition to the contest and they are mainly a mapping based duo, but managed to apply their unique skills and style onto a flat screen with no problems. Optika who also took part in last year’s VJ contest brings a different pace and flow to her VJ sets, with bright neon and primary colours setting off her 8-bit inspired graphics. Jem the Misfit, who flew all the way from Australia to compete, had some awesome self-created content. Beautifully filmed and mixed with a finesse that kept the flow of her mixes on track, but when the time called for it she was able to chop and mix well to the beat. Chindogu was one to watch from the first round, always on beat with robotic precision and knowledge of new techniques that kept his mixes fresh. Using a Wii remote controller to trigger effects was a nice touch.

Jem the Misfit – Round 3

Optika – Round 3

Final Round:


The VJs who got through to the final face off were Chindogu and Jem the Misfit. The last round was quite evenly matched although many in the crowd already had their favourite to take the title. The VJs would mix in a ping pong style with the time building up in bigger sections, the music would be again chosen by ‘The King of the Beats’ DJ SCHNAUTZI.

As the final got underway, each contestant was scrambling to show the judges that they still had a few more tricks up their sleeves. Jem, in her inimitable way brought out some amazing self-shot footage that really showed off her style, but she was also able to meet Chindogu in the computer graphic stakes as she also mixed in geometric shapes, colours and patterns to really show how versatile she is. Chindogu came back with some amazing 3d generated shapes and also managed to introduce more of a filmed element into his mixes to liven things up, couple with the precision given to him by using the Wii remote, he really held his own.

The overall winner of the VJ contest Mapping Festival 2012, and the first ever female winner… Jem the Misfit.

Another excellent VJ Contest over… roll on 2013.


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