New trailer for horror ‘Dementamania’

There’s a treat in store for horror fans when British psychological shocker DEMENTAMANIA hits the big screen from October 17th, prior to its VOD launch a month later, on 17th November.

DEMENTAMANIA tells the story of a successful analyst with a leading IT consultancy, but after years of routine take their toll, the unbearable daily monotony fuels his frustration and bitterness. When Edward is stung by a mysterious bug, an ugly and painful rash develops which unlocks a secret world inside his head causing nightmarish fantasies to manifest within vivid hallucinations. As the aggressive rash spreads and threatens to envelop his entire body, his visions become more terrifying and reality begins to drift further from his grasp.

“We exist in a world that is plagued with injustice and corruption, bureaucracy and hypocrisy, the negative effects of which often manifest in violence” says writer and producer Anis Shlewet.

The film will open in selected cinemas across the UK, including Rich Mix Cinema, Bethnal Green and Peckham Plex, Peckham in South London.

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