The Shining – Halloween release of extended +24 min version

We are very pleased to announce some great news for any Kubrick and horror fans! A brand new re-release of the US version of The Shining. Since the death of Stanley Kubrick back in 1999, this is as close as you will ever get to watching some new Kubrick mastery.

The Shining is widely regarded as one of the most terrifying films ever made. A true masterpiece in the horror genre. This Halloween the BFI are releasing the US Version, which has never been officially released before in the UK. The runtime of this version is 144 minutes – giving an extra 24 minutes of movie, compared the UK and European versions.

Not exclusively, but the majority of the 24 minutes relate to Danny and his relationship with his father. It sets a very much darker scene, that is only suggested at in the original UK release. There are also some memorable additional scenes with Dick Hallorann. Extra footage or not – it’s always worth a watch on the big screen!

Now, it is possible you will have already seen this version. It has been available on the internet the entire time – but being from the US, it’s only available as a Region 1 disc, which is no good to most!

Based on Stephen King’s bestselling novel, Kubrick’s tale of a family man and would-be writer (Jack Nicholson) going mad as winter caretaker of the cursed Overlook Hotel is a seminal work of the genre. It is also – as Martin Scorsese has pointed out − like no other horror film ever made – ‘essentially unclassifiable, endlessly provocative and profoundly disturbing’.

This original extended version of The Shining will screen in a magnificent new digital transfer from Warner Bros. which does full justice to the director’s artistic vision and quest for technical perfection. And in the run-up to Halloween, Kubrick’s celebrated original trailer, newly remastered for this release, will provide a spine-tingling taste of the experience to come.

Halloween Previews: 31 October 2012
UK Cinema Release: 2 November 2012
Certificate: 15

Halloween screenings of The Shining will run on around 120 screens across the country and then extended runs (from 2 November) will screen in at least 20 cinemas around the country.

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    Will this extended version get released on DVD / blu-ray soon afterwards too then?


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