The Hottest Movie Actresses….

Angelina Jolie

angelina_jolie_9The ONLY reason Tomb Raider was every purchased by anyone on DVD is because of this woman. Those tight silver bottoms on her shapely bum were just fantastic. And that POUT… oh dear god that pout. Lip jobs might be expensive but this woman knew what she was doing when she had this work done. Yup, im putting a big picture of her up here – a big one. (Oh – she can kind of act too)

Scarlett Johansson

scarlett_johansson Scarlett made quite an impresson on me in her hit film Lost in Translation. Although this was part of her earlier work and she wasnt very glammed up, the film let her flex her acting capabilities and show us all what she has to offer on the big screen. Not only is she amazingly beautiful, but Scarlett has this “girl next door” type of appeal that you dont find much in actresses these days (look at sharon stone – what a slapper she was). Truly amazing, Id love to take her out for dinner.

Meg Ryan

Ok not the hottest, but definately one of the most appealing on screen actresses is Meg Ryan. meg-ryan-1 A fantastic actress, I have to admit that her performance in City of Angels with Nicholas Cage really got me. Such a warm character on screen, Meg is fantastic at showing the truly femine side to a woman, and the thoughts and feelings that come with it. A great actress.

Megan Fox

megan_fox_maxim_1A new entry to the hottest for me, Megan Fox has come along out of nowhere and completely shaken things up! First seeing her in How to loose friends and alienate people, I realised this girl had something. Then as if her walking through a pool in her sultry silk dress wasnt enough, she comes along in Transformers 2 and shows us how good she can make a motorbike look…. need i say more???

Eva Mendes

Now the first time I laid eyes on her I remember thinking how lucky denzel was (Training Day). As I saw more of her, I realised that my first impressions were right and she was easily one of the hottest “latinas” to grace hollywood. Not really too convinced with her acting skills (I cant think of one good film she has been in), Eva mendes is a serious piece of eye candy that would go fantastic with some chocolate m-m’s and strawberry sauce. Roll on the good times baby yeah!sexy_eva_mendes

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