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I dunno about you but Up was one of the best films of the last year, and perhaps even decade and with its DVD and Blu-ray release date set for the 15th February we decided the theme for this weeks poll is gonna be Pixar based! Pixar have made 10 films to date with 4 more in the works including the sequel Toy Story 3 out this summer and Cars 2 (ETA 2011) and the two new titles scheduled for 2012 – The Bear and the Bow and Newt.

Pixar’s first feature film was Toy Story and already set the bar high as it introduced us to the now much loved aspects of a Pixar film including original storylines, high quality bright coloured computer animation, and children’s tales that are enjoyed just as much or even more by adults. After Toy Story came A Bugs life and then Toy Story 2, one of cinemas great sequels. It wasn’t until 2004 that the team decided to tackle the immense challenge of animated humans with CGI and managed to get it just right down with incredible attention to the details in The Incredibles.

All of Pixars films have done very well at the box office and they have changed the nature and quality of childrens films forever, but which one is your favourite? Vote in the poll on the left hand side now!

Update – The poll is over and Toy Story was voted as your favourite Pixar film with an overwhelming third of the vote! But Up came in a close second!

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  1. Katie

    My top 3 would be 1. ToyStory/ToyStory 3 2.)Finding Nemo 3.)Monsters Inc.
    it’s honestly a tie between toy story and findingnemo but I think i’m gonna go with toy story 1


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