New Indiegogo Campaign for ‘You And The Night’

Help Peccadillo Pictures create the most electrifying collector’s edition of the stunning YOU AND THE NIGHT featuring M83’s blistering soundtrack!

Yann Gonzalez’s totally electrifying feature defies all rules and conventions – so they have decided the release must be equally as innovative. Peccadillo are offering a set of truly unique and collectible rewards to help us bring you the most action packed DVD Peccadillo has ever created.

The limited edition DVD will contain the full Audio CD album by indie-electro giants M83. They’ve also included 4 of Yann’s previous short films as well as a UK exclusive interview- so get ready for the Orgy and dive into the weird and wonderful world of Yann Gonzalez.

Why Do They Need Your Support?

As an independent distributor the main factor in considering the scope of our creativity, is one of cost. They would love to give every release a special make over, but sadly, more often than not they can’t. Peccadillo Pictures wanted to trial a new way of thinking, by offering audiences a unique experience and products that until now, would only be in our dreams.


YOU AND THE NIGHT is in cinemas October 3rd and on DVD/On-Demand November 10th

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