Made in Britain Season at BFI: 2–30 Apr 2012 + Win Tickets!

The first in the BFI’s new annual series dedicated to contemporary British cinema focuses on women filmmakers with a bold approach to cinematic form and a tangible, demonstrated vision.

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The Alcohol Years

• 7 Apr 18:20
• 13 Apr 20:45

Carol Morley’s audacious, funny and moving documentary about the five years she abandoned to booze and lasciviousness.

Andrea Arnold & Lynne Ramsay: Shorts Programme

• 6 Apr 18:10
• 15 Apr 15:50

Six films from two of Britain’s leading directors.

The Arbor

• 2 – 5 April

Clio Barnard intertwines rare documentary footage and immaculate reconstructions to depict the life of Bradford playwright Andrea Dunbar.


• 27 Apr 20:50
• 28 Apr 18:20
• 29 Apr 15:30

A doting mother gathers her family together at their holiday home in Tresco, sparking off conflict and resentment.


• 8 Apr 16:00
• 14 Apr 20:50

Two blind men embark on a trek with six students to reach the top of a 23,000 foot mountain.

Countdown to Zero

• 8 – 26 April

Lucy Walker’s gripping documentary exposes the prevalence of nuclear weaponry and the secret history of its development and expansion.

Dreams of a Life

• 28 – 30 April

The haunting true story of a young woman discovered in a London flat three years after her death.


• 22 Apr 20:50
• 28 Apr 20:50
• 29 Apr 16:20

Lost souls gravitate towards a shabby hotel in Carol Morley’s impressionistic feature debut.

Fish Tank

• 7 Apr 17:50
• 10 Apr 20:30
• 12 Apr 20:40

Andrea Arnold’s award-winning exploration of a 15-year-old girl who aspires to escape her wayward mother to become a dancer.

Made in Britain: Next Gen

• 2 Apr 18:30

Outstanding short films from British women filmmakers.

Morvern Callar

• 9 Apr 20:40
• 15 Apr 18:10

Samantha Morton gives a stunning performance as a woman who wakes up to discover her boyfriend dead on the kitchen floor, in Lynne Ramsay’s ravishing second feature.


• 9 Apr 16:00
• 15 Apr 20:30

Lynne Ramsay’s compelling first feature, set on a Glasgow council estate during the 70s binmen’s strike.

Red Road

• 6 Apr 15:50
• 14 Apr 18:20

The life of a security worker is shattered when she spies the shadowy figure of a man from her past, in Andrea Arnold’s striking debut.

Self Made

• 4 – 18 April

Artist Gillian Wearing creates an absorbing, slippery and challenging film about the power of representation and identity.

The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom + Devil’s Playground

• 7 Apr 20:20
• 13 Apr 18:15

Two documentaries from award-winning filmmaker Lucy Walker, examining an Amish community and the aftermath of the 2011 Japanese Tsunami.


• 27 Apr 18:30
• 30 Apr 18:15

A woman’s arrival at the Italian holiday home of an extended bourgeois family exposes middle class sensibilities in Joanna Hogg’s debut feature.

Waste Land

• 7 – 17 April

Lucy Walker’s Academy Award-nominated documentary accompanies Brazilian artist Vik Muniz on a confronting creative journey to Rio.

We Need To Talk About Kevin

• 19 Apr 18:00
• 20 Apr 20:50
• 22 Apr 18:10

Lynne Ramsay’s acclaimed film stars Tilda Swinton as the mother of a spree killer.

Wuthering Heights

• 9 Apr 18:10
• 11 Apr 20:30
• 14 Apr 20:30

Andrea Arnold’s radical and beautifully filmed adaptation of this classic tale of obsessive love.


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