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From the Front Row Reviews team: Happy New Year!

Forty-seven feature films were nominated across seven separate ballots in Front Row Reviews’ annual year-end poll. As ever, each ballot was limited to a pool of films receiving a UK commercial release in the past year, and our scoring system went unchanged: each ballot was ranked, with the top five films receiving 10-2 points and the remaining five receiving a point each.

As is now a Front Row Reviews tradition, a further 2 points were given for every mention a film received after its first, in order to favour overall popularity in the event of ties.

Several films received multiple votes without making it into the below list. These were: Dunkirk, Certain Women, I Am Not Your Negro, My Life as a Courgette, and Raw. Only one film topped an individual ballot without making the cut: Song to Song.

Of the seven contributors who participated in this year’s poll, only one listed the eventual winner as their favourite; three others included it in their top ten.

Belatedly, the Front Row Reviews team would like to thank all readers for tuning into the site in 2017. Here’s to 2018. See you at the movies!


=8 Toni Erdmann
Maren Ade · Germany/Austria · 2017

=8. Mother!
Darren Aronofsky · USA · 2017

=8. Manchester By the Sea
Kenneth Lonergan · USA · 2016

=8. God’s Own Country
Francis Lee · UK · 2017

7. A Ghost Story
David Lowery · USA · 2017

=5. The Killing of a Sacred Deer
Yorgos Lanthimos · UK/Ireland/USA · 2017

=5. Get Out
Jordan Peele · USA · 2017

4. Good Time
Benny & Josh Safdie · USA · 2017

3. Moonlight
Barry Jenkins · USA · 2017

2. Blade Runner 2049
Denis Villeneuve · USA · 2017

1. Call Me By Your Name
Luca Guadagnino · Italy/USA/Brazil/France · 2017

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