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Front Row Reviews Top Ten 2015 It Follows

Season’s Greetings!

Seventy-two feature films were nominated across thirteen separate ballots in Front Row Reviews’ annual year-end poll. As ever, each ballot was limited to a pool of films receiving a UK commercial release in 2015, and our scoring system remained: each ballot was ranked, with the top five films receiving 10-2 points and the remaining five receiving a point each.

Like previous years, a further 2 points were given for every mention a film received after its first, in order to favour overall popularity in the event of ties. Without these bonus points, we would this year have had a clear-cut top ten, though as it is we’ve trimmed our overall favourites to an elite list of seven titles, owing to the small handful of films that would have tied for eighth place. These films receive top place, if you like, among the honourable mentions: Birdman, A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night, It Follows, Sicario and Tangerine. Of these, Sicario received the most individual votes (four).

Of the thirteen contributors who participated in this year’s poll, four listed the eventual winner as their number one; four others had it in their top ten, while five didn’t vote for it at all.

Needless to say, from all the Front Row Reviews team, many thanks and very best wishes to everyone who’s enjoyed reading these pages this past year. Here’s to 2016. See you…


Front Row Reviews 2015 Top Ten Whiplash7. Whiplash
Damien Chazelle · USA · 2014

FRR force majeure6. Force Majeure
Ruben Östlund · Sweden · 2014

Front Row Reviews 2015 Top Ten Stray Dogs5. Stray Dogs
Tsai Ming-liang · Taiwan/France · 2013

Front Row Reviews 2015 Top Ten Inside Out4. Inside Out
Pete Docter · USA · 2015

Front Row Reviews 2015 Top Ten Mad Max3. Mad Max: Fury Road
George Miller · Australia/USA · 2015

FRR 45 years2. 45 Years
Andrew Haigh · UK · 2015

Front Row Reviews 2015 Top Ten Carol1. Carol
Todd Haynes · USA · 2015


Individual ballots

Genevieve Bicknell
Alice Bishop Ollie Coleman
1 Force Majeure Tangerine 45 Years
2 Theeb Carol Carol
3 Tell Spring Not to Come This Year Sicario Whiplash
4 The Wolfpack It Follows The Falling
5 The Closer We Get Crimson Peak The Lobster
6 Carol Dope Brooklyn
7 Brooklyn Unfriended The Duke of Burgundy
8 Salt of the Earth Sisters Going Clear
9 Tangerine Irrational Man Appropriate Behavior
10 Taxi Tehran The Peanuts Movie Selma
Stuart Downey Jonathan Glen Jen Kilchenmann
1 Carol Carol Carol
2 Mad Max: Fury Road Song of the Sea Force Majeure
3 It Follows 45 Years 45 Years
4 45 Years Inherent Vice Clouds of Sils Maria
5 Sicario Macbeth The Theory of Everything
6 The Martian Ex Machina Appropriate Behaviour
7 Tangerine Stray Dogs Song of the Sea
8 Ex Machina Clouds of Sils Maria Mistress America
9 Grandma The Tale of Princess Kaguya Amy
10 Inside Out The Lobster Grandma
Rob Munday Katherine Naylor Michael Pattison
1 Catch Me Daddy Whiplash Stray Dogs
2 Birdman Inside Out Home From Home: Chronicle of a Vision
3 Hyena A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night National Gallery
4 Inherent Vice White God Li’l Quinquin
5 The Goob Housebound The Tribe
6 The Lobster Love Is Strange Sicario
7 Enemy It Follows The Last of the Unjust
8 Ex Machina Trainwreck Amour Fou
9 Shaun the Sheep Movie The Treatment Chappie
10 Love & Mercy Shaun the Sheep Movie The Dorkels
Pete Thornton Matt Turner David Upton
1 Star Wars: The Force Awakens Stray Dogs Carol
2 Mad Max: Fury Road Horse Money Mad Max: Fury Road
3 Birdman Hard to Be a God Selma
4 45 Years Carol The Tribe
5 The Look of Silence The Tale of Princess Kaguya Inside Out
6 Sicario The Look of Silence 45 Years
7 White God Blackhat Mommy
8 Ex Machina The Duke of Burgundy It Follows
9 The Lobster Chappie Magic Mike XXL
10 Whiplash 45 Years The Diary of a Teenage Girl
Greg Wetherall
1 Inside Out
2 A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night
3 Amy
4 Phoenix
5 Sherpa
6 Salt of the Earth
7 Force Majeure
8 Brooklyn
9 The Gift
10 Ex Machina


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