Actors turned Directors – how do they fare?

We have

  • Mel Gibson
  • Clint Eastwood
  • Ben Affleck
  • Sylvester Stallone

I’ve put Mel at the top of the pile for a reason. Two films to note from him are Passion of Christ and Apocolypto for their superb direction and impact on viewers. When I first heard that Gibson had turned into a director, I was slightly sceptical. Then as I thought about it I realised who would be better placed to do a good job and also make the transition into the role. For me, passion of Christ was a very involving film, drawing the viewer into the emotions experienced by those around jesus. Even though I’m not a Christian, the film made me realise how long a day of suffering really could be for one individual. Directing a film to have this kind of impact on the user is no easy task, especially if i look at the amount of flops that are produced every year.

Moving on from passion, Apocolypto proved that Gibson as a producer was not a one hit wonder, and could produce films that do keep an audience entertained and glued to the screen.

Eastwood has also directed some commendable films, one of which is Million Dollar Baby. A slow drama, the film tells the story of a girl working her way to glory in the ring. Crippled by a difficult fight, she and her trainer (eastwood) have to come to terms with her new life. Directing, Eastwood makes a great job of capturing the serenity that surrounds the main character, focusing on the simple life she has and her rise to fame through her ambitious nature.

For me, these two actors have succeeded in making the transition from acting to directing, offering viewers their skills offscreen behind the scenes.

As for Affleck and Stallone, Im still to be convinved that they are suited behind the screen. I haven’t seen enough work from them to cement their position as directors that have made it out of acting.

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