mff3With the 5th Annual Evolution Festival in Mallorca kicking off next week, let us focus on the 8 reasons to go along and enjoy the sun, screen and style.  This year is turning out to be the most dynamic and entertaining film selection and event series  From the opening night Gala El Destierro, to the award for Danny De Vito and his contribution to all things cinematic, to the screening of Tour De France to close things off and of course the screening of Supersonic in the documentary category its looking like it will be one heck of a festival but we have decided on the 10 reasons to attend!

edNumber 1 – EL DESTIERRO (OPENING GALA) – This is a Spanish film delight and (Look out for our review on Friday) a dark exploration of the Civil war legacy. It makes for a gripping and informative watch.

Number 2 – SKY (Spotlight GALA) Not only is the film a must see for film fans but Fabienne Berthaud will be in attendance to talk about her new film and how French cinema is shaping up for the future!

ssNumber 3 – SUPERSONIC Matt Whitecross makes the case for not only understanding the brothers Gallagher but also why they are a pivotal point in music of the 90s.

Number 4 – HOTEL PROBLEMSKI – Black comedy never gets as good as when it is on topic and on current news events. This is a delightful blend of the lives of Migrants and those ignorantly served by them.

tdfNumber 5 -TOUR DE FRANCE – A Muslim rapper is stuck with an over weight white racist and they travel across France. Might not sound like the makings of a masterpiece but when director Rachid Djaidani gets involved it is his art taht makes the difference.

Number 6 – DANNY DE VITO – Awards are given to everyone and anyone but De Vito is someone and has a career that is to be idolised. From One Flew over the cuckoos nest to Matilda. Its an honour!

wtmNumber 7 – WHERE TO MISS? Modern India, modern tales of the life of the average person but this has heart and soul. A woman finds her way and her world becomes the future of a great country and people.

Number 8 – KISS ME, KILL ME – Watch the tension rise and the painful reality of a murder, as one man is trapped in a spiral of complex truths and lies.


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