Ways of Wine DVD Review

164434 - The Ways of the Wine-COVERTouring for the love of sommelier Charlie Arturaola arrives at Mendoza in Argentina. He is there for the Masters of Food and Wine event that is about to take place. It will be amazing, festive and glamour galore event. This is all great for Charlie until he loses that key item in his arsenal. His taste buds…. So he must search high and low, near and far to find it and return it to his cabinet. He meets greats like Michel Rolland, journeys  to vast wineries and into small vineyards. It is the story of the world both lost and maybe refound….

Well this was a belter of a film to end the Simply Media run with. Deep, searching and funny in three amazing degrees. Nicolás Carreras has made a film that has the ability to be both very funny in places and extremely complex in others. The man who loses his art, loses his soul would be how I would set it up for the read that wants a very self reflexive discourse on this film. It explores how when we identify ourselves with something and then lose it, we must regain it via a mixture of self examination and self identification. Then for the average viewer we have something more soft edge. A film that is a road movie and comedic in places that will strike a cord with Sideways…a comparison that does more justice to it but will be a benefit to Sideways than this in the longer term.  It joyfully makes you want to spend time in the lives of its characters and ask them to tell me more…

The disc is sadly empty and we have a trend with Simply Media. However buy it as the film is so worth it….



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