War Dogs DVD

wd3When massage therapist and high school flunk David Packouz meets former school friend Efraim Diveroli he thinks it is just a pleasant distraction to his ordinary life. When Efraim tells him about his new company AEY and his work for the army, he is a little worried. Friends tell him that Efraim is bad news, David feels that this might be the start of something big. As time goes on he finds out that what he might have dismissed as gossip, might be true and Efraim is all around a crazy man.

wd2Truth and fiction are bed fellows that live together in an uneasy bond. Blurring reality and fantasy then making a fictional account which is both compelling and accurate is often impossible. War Dogs is actually successful in both cases. On one side it has universal themes that are developed gently and broadly like is t right for conflict to be a business?  why working with friends is dangerous. Jonah Hill is excellent and proves he has charisma and acting prowess. He gives Efraim and unhinged and empathetic streak that is clever in performance and balance also. This however doesn’t make up for the film being unable to rise above a soft biopic about two as that are at best unlikeable and at worst….

wd1The problem is that Todd Phillips directs the piece as a buddy movie mixed with light comedy and blended with frat boy high jinx. In truth it is neither stand out exceptional or significant as a film because of this. Teller is an actor that has range but is often typecast into a role of handsome loser. Here he is that and nothing more and I am in the mind he might be stuck to this role for the rest of his life. Craft is the other issue here. It is used like a subtle tool and this worked for The Hangover but here and within this outside of Hill it feels empty…

DVD looks nice and has little extras of note and in truth I feel that it underlines the films lack of body. Take it from me, worth a watch…not an own..



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