Waking Life Blu Ray

wl4Life can be a complex and often uncertain thing. We as a creature know so much but also really so little of what it means to be. Take the world via a prism of its unreal self. The self of cinema and the reflection of ones utopian vision. The horizon of art and philosophy merge into a world of dreams and nightmares, as we try to make that perfect and fail. This film journeys through this wilderness and makes a way through the clouds.

wl2Richard Linklater’s cinematic discourse on the very things he loves. Self and films as ways of telling a narrative. A way of reflecting who and what we are. I love this film, less because it is a big fat philosophical meditation on things. More because Linklater challenges us to work hard at watching and digesting. We have the works of Bazin, Existentialism and the legacy of Linklater’s early masterpiece, Slacker in a clever and profound work. It has some downsides. Some viewer will find its self reflexivity is hard to swallow. It knows so much and you will feel a little out of place due to this. It pulls you out and leaves you to know you are watching.

wl3Do not worry however as I feel that if you are learning and experiencing, it will reward. Add to this the wonderful use of animation in a film that wants to take on the art and science of cinema and evolve this. It is a worthy watch. So to the film discs. Great content and quality again from Arrow. The stand out pieces are the Sabiston’s films, the commentary from the director and cast and of course the superb animation cast talk.

wl1High definition Blu-ray (1080p) and Standard Definition DVD presentations

  • Original 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio
  • Optional subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing
  • Commentary by writer-director Richard Linklater, art director Bob Sabiston, actor Wiley Wiggins and producer Tommy Pallotta
  • Commentary by the 25-strong animation team
  • A selection of Bob Sabiston’s short films, including The Trees (1991), Project Incognito (1997), Snack and Drink (1999), Figures of Speech (1999), Grasshopper (2003), Ryan’s Capitol Tour (2006) and The Even More Fun Trip (2007)
  • Original ‘making of’ featurette including interviews with Linklater, Sabiston and Pallotta
  • Animation tutorial with Sabiston
  • Deleted and alternative animation sequences
  • Pre-animation live action footage captured on Mini DV
  • Trivia subtitle track written by Linklater
  • Theatrical trailer


The first pressing also includes a booklet containing new writing on the film by critic David Jenkins and a guide to Bob Sabiston’s short films


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