I have heard a bunch of genre mutations and permutations. The zombie genre has a wealth of them. A zom com rom film is a rare thing but not uncommon…. Heard about them haven’t you? So have I. SHAUN OF THE DEAD being the most well known or arguably significant.¬† Well today I can confirm that UNCLE PECKERHEAD is as good as that film and maybe, maybe, better. The story of a struggling (read inept) band, a traveling roadie (a drifter and one hour a day cannibal zombie) and their expedition along the great open road.

A punk band land their first tour of the great American states. They are brash, hard and…frankly, terrible. They have 22 minutes of music and can play a cover of some mainstream band. Badly. Headed by Judy (Chet Siegel) who is tough, logical and practical, they have everything to play for. Here band mates, Max (Jeff Riddle) and Shannon (Jen Jennings) however are another matter. They just get by, getting by. The bands van gets repossessed and they are then stuck with the real prospect of losing their tour. In steps Peckerhead (David Littleton). He has a van, a plan and a strange desire to get away from where he is. The first stop sees them play to an empty bar, be cheated and stuck outside, poor and hungry. When Peckerhead vanishes for a quick visit to the toilet, all seems ok but when Judy goes to find him, seeing the dangling dead body of the promoter who stiffed them in his mouth, The excitement quickly wears off. Now they have a hungry demon on their hands and a tour schedule to play out.

UNCLE PECKERHEAD might just be the film you get to see before it becomes a cult classic and screened everywhere a good, underground film is given air. What UNCLE PECKERHEAD does right, it does really right. Be that the tone, be that the gore textures. Be it the frankly brilliant script or the pacing. All of this UNCLE PECKERHEAD does so well that you wonder why it has not been given a broader release. People are read for it. They want this kind of infused, fun, self mocking take on a genre over burdened with seriousness and sadism. This is not only the best punk rock zom com but it is the best zom com rom that I, Simon Kennedy, 10,000 and more film watching  person, has seen!







Special Features

  • Redband Trailer
  • Greenband trailer
  • Cast Commentary
  • Holy Mess Music Video
  • Short Film: Larry Gone Demon

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