Tromeo and Juliet Blu Ray Review

Face it your are beautiful, no matter what they say!

Shakespeare never imaged that his master work could quiet end up like this. We all know the familier tale of two families at war with each other but did you ever see it with the following… A lesbian Juliet who has a lover (Her family cook), Romeo is an idiot that girls cheat on. Then you have the Monty-Q family father and Romeos dad, he is a drunk and a pornographer. You also have his wife, who left him for the Capulets family leader and perverted father. He likes to beat her and also molest his daughter! Outraged yet? Well how about the Capulet son who wants to have sex with his sister Juliet. She on the other hand keeps having strange dreams about a massive evil faced penis. Then a member of the Capulet family has his fingers cut off and we are in shock….That is only the first twenty minutes….

I love subversive, inventive works that engage with the ideas from former plays, novels or films. Film makers that ask questions of conventions within a set genre or classic text often do so for one of two reasons. One is due to modernising the idea or modernising the themes within it. The other is to do with budgeting on a film. You get the money for the name that connects with an audience but not enough to make it matter. Think of The Matrix for instance and you see big budget retelling of elements from Nietzsche, the Bible and moved up to modern concerns of technology and development. The Bards work has often been recrafted, retold or even remade. Take 10 Things I hate about you which is a version of The Taming of the Shrew. Romeo and Juliet has also been retold. West side Story became about immigration and gang warfare which reflected the 60s problems. Baz Lurhmann remade Romeo and Juliet again under the guise of gangs and drugs for the 90s. Before that however came Tromeo and Juliet…

Who is it...oh you...

Troma are a low budget film making studio that hit their peak in the VHS days of the 80s and 90s. They made films that are over the top and extreme. This film is their gross out classic alongside The Toxic Avenger. Sex is common place in thier films and in this film you have it in bucket loads. Gay, straight, incest and even strange dreams of sexual desire. Nightmares that explore the characters which have an erection that wants to eat you, is so crazed but also brilliant. Violnce in their films are common also, it is hammy though and designed to bounce you along. The intention in truth is to make you giggle rather than gag as the prior content might have done.The other thing they did a lot was cheap. They did cheap films that were designed like a mcdonalds resturant. Made fast  for a massive profit. This film is very cheap piece but with humour and a sense of good spirits. Dropping the Bards words in there with Lemmy from Motorhead is inspired.

How much is that piggy in the window?

Praised on release and screened at Cannes to high acclaim, I have to say that it is a very good film. I could image Jodorowsky would have loved to have made this film. His black sense of reality and strange comprehension of life is here. Lynchwould have loved this too. His flavours are there, as is his sense of comedy. If you watch it and dont laugh or gasp,  than you are slightly more strange than I would expect. This is no negative thing, it is just that the film is a hard watch occasionally. It does this to smash the former ideology of the way people see the Bard. His work was subversive but not to this level. The Bards imagination could have never brought out this type of insurrection. I think however he would have loved it!


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