The Whistleblower DVD Review

A fascinating look into the grim realities of sex trafficking, The Whistleblower is a riveting thriller which takes a different approach to the subject matter.

Based on true events it follows a Nebraskan Police officer turned UN Peacekeeper (Rachel Weisz) as she tries to work against the evident corruption in post war Bosnia. Rachel Weisz’s performance is without a doubt the strongest aspect of the film, allowing Kathryn Bolkovac to be wholly unlike the familiar one dimensional female characters which are written into so many contemporary thrillers. She allows the character to be believable and a figure of interest balancing her role as a maternal figure and whistleblower.

The narrative does not just follow Kathryn Bolkovac’s story but also those of a young girl trapped within the trafficking world as well as her mother. This multi-strand approach to the narrative allows the world of sex trafficking to be explored in greater detail seeing the effects it has upon everyone involved. It also works to heighten emotion as the importance of Bolkovac’s aim is illustrated with greater clarity.

The Whistleblower also boasts a strong cast, most of which are put to good use. Among them are Vanessa Redgrave, Monica Belluci and David Strathairn all play a significant part whilst Benedict Cumberbatch seems wasted having little more than a cameo.

The only real fault with The Whistleblower is a lack of pacing which means some of the more major plot developments seem jumbled. This is mainly due to editing, and despite the gentle pace of the first third, as things develop the plot seems to avalanche forward with lightening speed. Despite this, Kathryn seems very slow to work out exactly what is happening, always appearing to be two steps behind the audience. Being an investigative thriller this seems to defeat the purpose, but does not detract too much from the narrative.

Overall The Whistleblower is a chilling political thriller which makes up for all of its faults with a strong approach to an important subect.

The Whistleblower was released on the 16 January RRP £15.99

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