The Story of O: Untold Pleasures DVD Review

O’ is a photographer who decides to pursue her artistic passion without reservation, with the support of her boyfriend Rene. To help her focus on her book, she is introduced by Rene to a mysterious benefactor called Stephen. Under Stephen’s guidance she is free to explore her own art and she begins to uncover the pleasures and pain of his secret desires.

This English-language reimagining of erotic novel The Story of O fits somewhere between the standards of pornography and TV movies. I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing the French version from the 70s but all I can say is that this version is a shallow piece of work with no artistic quality and many problems. It is the sort of film you would find on an obscure television channel at three in the morning and is sickly voyeuristic. The extended sex scenes are surprisingly dull and the lack of character development makes the film even more uninteresting.

It is funny how artistic The Story of O really believes itself to be. It is collapsing under the weight of its own bigheadedness and the script, acting, editing and plot are all a complete and utter shambles. Every character in this film is presented as an erotic being but they end up being just plain creepy and the lesbian elements become incessant and unneeded. The BDSM element to the film is unpleasant and adds little to the other elements the film has to offer. The film could simply be following the source material but this does not excuse the poor quality of the construction of the film as a whole.

Having said this, the film is entertaining on some level because it is so silly. Those who are familiar with the source material might also be able to appreciate this on some level. As for the DVD itself, there are no special features apart from a trailer.

The Story of O: Untold Pleasures is released on 4th February.

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