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Nice that I mean shocking...

In the 1800s a Phrenologist (A skull measurement expert of sorts) and a assistant open the grave of the Marquis De Sade. They decide to take the skull and use it to proform a couple of tests. These will prove that the sadistic Marquis was not mad but just really, really bad. This turns out to be a problem and sees him killed in a smoke filled room. Jump forward 100 years and we are in the company of 2 men and an obsession. They want the best antiques money can buy. When they come up against a man who can find anything and he finds a book about the Marquis and then a skull, they are not sure. The skull is rumoured to be that very famous sadistic man, The Marquis De Sade… The only problem is it is also cursed.

Eyes to the left....

Amicus production studio made some great horror films in the vein of Hammer and the British tradition of Dead of Night. They actually were well known for the portmanteau films they made. These were to put it simply, a collection of films they would be put together and then sell under a series of tales. This film was one of a few exceptions. It was a single story film that was produced as much for the talent and the very well known history behind it. It also was an attempt to challenge the powerhouse that was Hammer studios. This had the heavy goods of talent and history but it failed to stop the dominating force. This was however to make the Amicus film studio a well known horror film production house.

Deep focus dreaming...

The disc….The disc is a bland affair and is very light in good indeed. It looks nice but the 1080p is not able to stop the grain. Video interviews are ok but shed no light. Kim is great but adds only a note. The best thing is the booklet…

  • Exclusively restored 1080p presentation of the film on Blu-ray
  • Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing
  • New video interview with film scholar Jonathan Rigby
  • New video interview with critic & author Kim Newman
  • Limited Edition Collector’s Booklet, featuring an essay by Vic Pratt


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