The Shohei Imamura Collection Dual Blu Ray / DVD

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Shohei Imamura is for many one of the great film makers of the new wave in Japan. For me personally he is the greatest film maker of that period and second only to Ozu in the Japanese autuers. His body of work encompasses meditations on sexuality, nation, social fringes and gender roles. His most famous western film is about a serial killer (Vengence is Mine) through one of his best is also well known about social commentary (Pigs and Battleships), my firsts were about antropology (Profound Desire of the Gods) and comedy (Nishi-Ginza Station). Along the way Imamura won a well deserved Palme Dor for his masterpiece (The Ballard of Narayama) and made a self knowing and form changing documentary (A Man Vanishes). To anyone unschooled in his work this collection might offer you a great chance to connect with a film maker so diverse and interesting. It also might be a chance to see Japanese cinema for the first time, through eyes unaltered by standard and dull replication.

Keeping it in the closet

So you can see from above I can barely hide my love for Imamura.He crafted films that took as their subject a society in upheavel and roles in flux. He made films that reflected lives of people on the edge, begin consumed by unseen but well known oppressors. America, geo placement, gender politics and of course tradition. These people were often also outside of ‘main’ society and as such constructed different worlds to inhabit. Imamura dropped into these worlds methapors of animal, primal and reality to bite on their and our heels. After all the audience is not in on the joke. We are it…. His films made me readjust my idea of Japanese cinema. I had seen anime and Ozu, Kurosawa and yakusa but Imamura was the light. He cracked open my eyes and as such I will always champion his films.

So to the discs…

Well it is with a small piece of sadness I say that they are the same discs you had prior. I know as I bought them. Quality is the same great prints and transfers. Sound is great. A Man Vanishes is only DVD but that is minor. The CD has some interesting images and the original booklets. So to get to the point…all were and are great but if you have them like I do…Do not buy. If however you do not have them…you lucky swines…buy it!!!!

  • 12 Disc Box Set presented in a high quality rigid slipcase containing 5 Blu-rays, 6 DVDs & 1 CD
  • Gorgeous 1080p HD presentation of each film on Blu-ray (A Man Vanishes DVD only)
  • Optional English subtitles
  • Accompanying CD featuring digital PDF booklets including essays and rare stills for each of the films
  • Original Japanese Theatrical Trailers
  • Interviews & introductions featuring Imamura, Alex Cox, film scholar Tony Rayns & critic Tadao Satô
  • Audio commentary by film scholar Tony Rayns (Vengeance is Mine)


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