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Senator Edward Kennedy could have been a contender. He became a very powerful Senator but he could have been a presidential candidate. He could have added to the Kennedy brand and stock maybe. However a moment took place that stripped him of credibility. This moment was the accident that happened on a bridge in Chappaquiddick island. He was driving in a car with campaign strategist, Mary Jo Kopechne.  While driving it veered off the road and crashed into the estuary. However he lived, walked away from the crash and she didn’t. She drowned in that car because he didn’t help her. He didn’t get help. It took him 11 hours to report it. After being advised to report it earlier. The car was found by a father and son fishing.

This film falls down on its own sword in truth. That sword is the event itself. The accident that saw the death of one person and the political destruction of another. It lacks that robust shaping, which a film director of skill would be injected into it. This I think is because the film fails to interest its director, cast and writer. It is never anything but a dull retelling of a character defining event. An event which could have asked deep and wide ranging questions. John Curran directs a film that could have been something exceptional. Instead it is so dull and laboured. Jason Clarke seems to be bored of the piece. Ed Helms lacks drive or emotion in his performance and the best person in the film, Kate Mara, is killed off within the first 20 minutes.

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