The Search For John Gissing DVD

Where is John Gissing? At least that is what Matthew Barnes wnats to know. He is a young executive from Chicago on the way up but has now found himself in London and a pawn in corporate war. A merger has thrown everything into flux. He’s to replace John Gissing. Gissing is set to organise the move and make him welcome. However Gissing hasnt left him with transport into work, a place to stay and seemingly stolen all of his money from his bank account. Now if only he could find him…

Comedy British style. It can be hard to explain to an international audience. When British film ups and tries to do international comedy, well it is a nightmare of half laughs and hoo hums. That is John Gissing in a nutshell. Half laughs that are very good, if not slightly forced. Hoo hums from the plain as day script, direction and acting. You get that the joke is elongated and that the situation is absurd but it drags you through 90 minutes. 90 minutes in order to execute a series of jokes, which would have worked better in 15 minute sketch.

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