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Jon Jensen is a man who has everything. A new life in America with his brother and his wife and son have just come over to live with him. On travelling back to his house with his own piece of land, his family is attacked. His son is killed and his wife raped, he shots dead those responsible. Unknow to him, the lead man was the brother of a local monster and profiteer. Ex army general Henry Delarue now wants to find the man responsible but after the village is unable to find the culprits, they instead arrange for three in his place. He kills them and threatens the people that if the murderer is not brought to justice they will surely pay for his crime.

It would seem that the current trend for reimagining cinematic genres is spreading to Europe. With this latest offering being a western that would and could be equally housed in spaghetti and revisionist branches. Much like these as well, The Salvation is crossing two continents, two styles and one very vast central mould. America is the home of revisionism in the Western genre. It started in the late 60s, when the new wave wanted to make a point about Vietnam. It also has a vast interior that also became the inspiration for its content internationally.

Its behind you

Europe (and in particular Italy) brought us much of the western genre films from the 70s of note and of those late night watching. It also brought us the blood, sex and sadism we have related and connected to its current incarnation. Often spilled over from that sense of America as the great force for wrong, as well as right in the world. They then both slowly over the years merged as the directors, writers and actors started to settle around the world and produce films. The western has had a varying degree of quality and one of the best film made in the 90s, Dances With Wolves is still a divider in terms of film fans. It fell into obscurity until we had Tarantinos nod. Now This film almost sets out to reinvent the conversation again, albeit without wanting the language to be too corrupted or diluted.


Friends reunited

On reflection this film, produced and directed by Norwegian film makers is a minor work. It has the conventions superbly executed. The film looks very well constructed. Its space is filmed imaginatively. With small towns exposed as grim locale. We also have shining sands, torrential rain towns and oil fields desaturated. As if devoid of color that might illicit a note of hope. Cowboys look like they should and technology is a boon and a curse. looking immigration and violence. However what it does with these is unimaginative and contrite. We have wronged local barren, played flatly and without charm by Dean Morgan. Village priest and town mayors that are stereotypically corrupt and incompetent played by Henshall and Pryce. The brightest light in its script is actually Eva Green who does not say a word. We could set about prizing apart the concept, the revenge centre and the rather laboured ending. I wouldnt bother saying more than take it as read, you know where it is going and how it will get there. The comments on world politics are clear and concise enough to have young film fans and makers reading more into it than it deserves.

This is out on demand as of the 10th August and DVD/ Blu Ray on the 24th August

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