The Proposition DVD review

P4Father Michael McKinnon (Kenneth Branagh)  has to move to the US from England in 1935. He moves to Catholic dominated Boston. We are not told why he moves yet but he avoids the prominent and powerful in his parish. He seems very concerned with bumping into the two most dominating characters Arthur (Hurt) and Eleanor Barret (Stowe).  Eleanor and Arthur  want to have a child, but Arthur cant due to being sterile. Arthur hires a young law graduate and top student from  Harvard Roger Martin to impregnate Eleanor. The problem is now that they have done this Roger falls in love with her and she has no one to turn too.

P2It is with a level of both sadness and bitterness that I write this review. The film is very bad. It has been badly cast, poorly written and worse still, directed without respect or care. The film shifts balance from a television soap to a serious film in such a way as to make you car sick. It is not great nor is it worth a second viewing. I felt everyone was wasted, not least of all Branagh who deserved more. He is a fine and intelligent actor. Stowe is beautiful and might draw the eye away for a second or two but…The film sucks. No extras…The way Simply media like it and as such avoid this like the idea of a good looking student impregnating your wife…

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