The Mystery of Picasso DVD

This portrait of the artist as creative dynamo is sensational but subjective from the viewers taste. Taken from the view of the canvas, we see the creation of a piece by the artist. The artist in question is the tour de force and master of the surreal, Picasso. He constructs a series of images to reveal his inspiration, technique, motivation and skill. Some black and white, others in primary colours and then yet more in tender palettes of red, browns and greens. We talk to him, watch him and reveal the very fabric of his work.

Picasso might split the viewer. His works are bold, visceral and challenging. Sometimes it is also abstract and obtrusive. I love his work. Its colours, frames and structure is dynamic and delirious. Making the viewer involved. Director Henri-Georges Clouzot, for me is one of the greatest film makers of all time. He used every opportunity to tell stories with clever convention deconstruction and a wonderful artistic eye. Here he takes this opportunity to make a documentary about the artist as creative force. He immerses us in the momentum of creation, extracts details in the form of construction and reflects on the power of the medium. Clouzot reveals the man behind a myth by allowing him to be the artist. This also crafts what it is to build art from the conscious, build art from the soul. It is a delightful examination of tones. Tones of how you make inspiration and how it reveals itself.

The extras on the disc are very good but the bafta winning documentary is the peak of brilliant. You must watch it straight after the documentary finish. That way it gives you the flesh to these amazing bones.



Standard Definition presentation, from materials supplied by Gaumont

  • Original French mono audio
  • Optional English subtitles
  • A Visit to Picasso, Paul Haesaerts 1949 BAFTA-winning documentary on the painter, capturing Picasso at work in his Vallauris studio
  • La Garoupe, a 1937 home movie by Man Ray, in black and white and colour, of Picasso and friends holidaying near Antibes
  • Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by maarko phntm


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