The Lady From Shanghai Blu Ray

LFS3When Mike O’Hara (Welles) saves a young, beautiful woman from the clutches of harm, he is not sure about where it might lead. Elsa Bannister (Hayworth) was being attacked by a group of men in central park and Mike forced them off. Now he might just be lucky and she leaves him thankful and make his day with a smile, she might lead him to find his future and happiness. Elsa may even lead him to riches, murder, mystery and that world of double truths and triple lies. The fact and the fiction might just prove interesting.

LFS2Right –  Step one -Go out and buy this film. Step two continue reading…Well you have in your hands a work of pure, simply art. Its a big film, would you expect anything less from Welles? Its a bold film, Hayworth in a role that is both darkly sardonic and sadistic. Its also a beguiling film. The plot is layered and Its script hovers around its cast in a way that’s absorbing. Giving the plot enough room to breath and the players to add layers. But its the way this complexity is handled with a visual gusto that is refreshing.

LFS4The Blu ray is also refreshing in many ways. The 4K is awesome. It is awesome. Bogdanovich gives us a very well developed commentary. He is a good director and a great film explorer. He knowns what he is talking about and talks about it with intelligence and sheer joy. Callow piece is good but I bore of Callow self appointed authority. Its is the essay by Samm Deighan that really brings it all together!

• 4K restoration from the original negative
• Original mono audio
• Audio Commentary by Peter Bogdanovich
Simon Callow on ‘The Lady from Shanghai’ (2017, tbc mins): a new filmed appreciation piece by the acclaimed actor and Welles scholar
A Discussion with Peter Bogdanovich (2000, 21 mins): the renowned filmmaker and author talks about Welles and The Lady from Shanghai
• Original theatrical trailer
• Image gallery
• New and improved English subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing
• Limited edition exclusive booklet with a new essay by critic Samm Deighan
• UK Blu-ray premiere
• Limited Dual Format Edition of 3,000 copies


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