The First Power blu ray review

tfp3Police detectives are trying to resolve the Pentagram murders. Logan is eager to find the person responsible for the killings as he has had a tip off from a physic. The arrow points to a place in the outskirts and a man called Channing. He is unhinged and police find him trying to kill a fellow cop. Arrested and sent to the gas chamber he dies and is buried. The problem is that the bodies are again piling up and the darkness of the killer is spreading again…Is he back for more?

tfp4Serial killers and the supernatural took a hold of the American market in the 90s. Both were driven by the success of other bigger and better films and the films made often were of varied quality. The smaller labels tried to fund them as they saw them as big money makers if successful. Like the 80s boom of slashers and sexual films, these were copy and paste pieces that could often be seen hundred times before. Many of these are just as you would expect and are versions with little difference but the cast.

tfp1The First Power is one of those films that is weak on many things. It has a copy and paste story we have seen before in many avenues. The cast are a variety of erratic and ecstatic performances. Some of the set pieces are so illogical and set in motion very odd things within a unbalanced script, that you are perplexed at their introduction. Now one second however it has some bright points of light as it is heavy on action and supernatural content, silly set pieces mentioned above are a blast that will please a slasher fan and horror film fan person (no one else).

tfp2Disc is empty of content but the HD looks nice and sound on it is extremely good!

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