The Eric Rohmer Collection Blu Ray review

The master of making films the audience wanted to watch (according to at least one film critic), Rohmer work comes to us in a wonderful new set. Rohmer was the last of the French new wave to come to the fore but made impacts with films in the set like THE GREEN RAY (Golden Lion and the FIPRESCI Prize at the 1986 Venice Film Festival) , THE MARQUISE OF O (Cannes Film Festival Grand Prize of the Jury) PAULINE AT THE BEACH (Berlin Film Festival Silver Bear for Best Director) and MY GIRLFRIENDS BOYFRIEND (100% favorable rating from 9 critics at Rotten Tomatoes).

Rohmer films can be quite rewarding and even more so quite difficult to the amateur film watcher. Not meaning to mock or meaning to infer some level of inferiority in the slightest at all. These films are part of a movement that did consciously set out to construct and then deconstruct film for the viewer. They are designed not only to be read but to be experienced. This means that when yo are watching it, you are being forced to know that it is a film but also that it is about events unfolding. Often this is via slow, creeping time frames.

Top films on the set? Well for me its THE GREEN RAY that you should start with old or new viewer. Then follow it up with? well that is simple. THE MARQUISE OF O is excellent and also leads you into the world of Rohmer best. Right to the discs. Well they are a thing of beauty. From its former DVD release, each film on that set and this set are upscaled. They shine with the new HD treatment.   Éric Rohmer intros to some of the films are well worth looking at but are also for the purist. Much else here is very good but the booklet is the place to head to. You can experience detail and thoughts that expand the films and for once is not dense or dull.



  • Limited edition Blu-ray boxed-set (2,000 copies)
  • High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) presentations of ten Éric Rohmer features: The Aviator’s Wife, A Good Marriage, Pauline at the Beach, Full Moon in Paris, The Green Ray, My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend, The Marquise of O…, and exclusive to this collection only: Perceval, Four Adventures of Reinette and Mirabelle and The Tree, the Mayor and the Mediatheque
  • Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing
  • Introductions to The Aviator s Wife, A Good Marriage, Pauline at the Beach, Full Moon in Paris and The Green Ray by Éric Rohmer
  • Brand-new appreciation of Rohmer by filmmaker and actor Richard Ayoade, recorded exclusively for this release
  • Nestor Almendros: Director of Photography, an hour-long French television documentary profile of Perceval, The Marquise of O… and Pauline at the Beach s cinematographer
  • Two full-length episodes of the French television series Ciné regards devoted to the making and release of Perceval
  • Effraction: Tchéky Karyo, an hour-long French television documentary profile of the Full Moon in Paris actor
  • On-set report from the making of My Girlfriend s Boyfriend
  • Archive interview with Bruno Ganz on The Marquise of O…
  • Archive interview with André Dussollier on The Aviator s Wife
  • Archive interview with Claude-Jean Philippe and Caroline Champetier on Pauline at the Beach
  • Archive interview with Arielle Dombasle on Pauline at the Beach
  • Archive interview with Pascale Ogier on Full Moon in Paris
  • Archive interview with Marie Rivière on The Green Ray
  • Archive interview with Joëlle Miquel on Four Adventures of Reinette and Mirabelle
  • Audio interview with Rohmer
  • Changing Landscapes, a 1964 documentary short directed by Rohmer
  • Trailers for The Aviator s Wife, A Good Marriage, Pauline at the Beach, Full Moon in Paris, The Green Ray and My Girlfriend s Boyfriend
  • Newly commissioned artwork by Matt Griffin
  • Limited edition book containing new writing on the film by Jonathan Romney, Geoff Andrew, Philip Lopate, Geoffrey Macnab, David Jenkins, Tara Judah, Sophie Monks Kaufman, Justine Smith, Andy Miller and Brad Stevens



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