The Electric Horseman DVD Review

ec2Rodeo rider and King of the championships, Sonny Steele has more metal than man left in him. Now he has passed on to a new life of stadiums, spectators and drinking. He is a corporate stooge and one that is the face of a breakfast cereal he and no one else seems to care about. When he is sent to Vegas for the event of the summer, the exhibition of the company, Sonny finds out that the horse he is to ride is doped, shackled and stuck. Sonny decides to free the horse into the desert around the city but he cannot escape the company, the press in Hallie Martin or his own failings.

ec3A film about corporations and commodities in the modern world often open up debates about what it is to be in the limelight and what it is to be owned. The freeing of someone or something from the shackles of business in films like this have obvious connotations for the viewer. Here the whole relationship between Sonny (Redford) and his horse are about the controlled wanting to be in control.

ec1Electric Horseman plays to the crowd with swipes of comedy and satire that lampoon business and strike at the heart of middle America. This gives the film a bite which is delightful in its ease. I wondered if these jabs would soften over the length but they become harder and faster with grace. No knockout blow however but enough hits to leave the opposite number dazed. It also has a romantic comedy running alongside this that sits well enough but lacks the dynamic poise of the comedy and satire. Meaning in simple English that although the performances are clever, toned and flexed, the love story is redundant.

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