The Cured DVD review

A zombie outbreak chews through an Irish town. Millions were infected by the virus that made humans desire the flesh of others. Scientist find a cure that sees 75% of those infected are cured. Senan Browne (Sam Keeley) and some 50 others have been rehoused because of his success in the treatment. However local sentiment is against this project and many of those rehoused are now under attack. Fears grow that even cured, these people could become something else and they might turn again…

In thirty years time I suspect this will become a cult classic. A bold statement from me there. What gives me the right? A person who watches loads of films and has seen his fair share of cult cinema but literally is not a major player in the industry nor worth the time of day to magazines etc. Some may say I am running before I can walk also. Well you maybe right but here is how I see it. The Cured is a refreshing take on the zombie genre because it packages up themes often linked to the likes of Romero without losing sight of the narrative drive or emphasis. Its not totally original but it is very timely. Very timely indeed. For instance its main point is this. Identity and belonging underscores post Brexit UK life. Being a part of something as either/ or is human nature. However even if you assimilate will you not be considered as the ‘other’? It may leave the audience with unanswered questions but it is very good indeed.

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