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The Tramp has found his way into limelight. After being falsely accused of being a pick pocket and chased around a circus, the loveable fellow becomes a hit. He doesn’t actually know he is mind. He only knows the beautiful daughter of the circus owner. She is beaten everyday for not doing well. As he works and she isn’t hurt he simply thinks he is helping her and the circus with the sets and props. When he does realize his place on the circus scheme of things, he wants things to change and fast!

This Oscar winner is by some length Chaplins most visually funny film. That is really saying something, it is almost like saying that a film starring John Wayne is the one with the most horses in it. What The Circus also is for me and for many in critical circles, is Chaplins most interesting on the medium he worked in. Chaplin took on many topics in his body of film. Take the previous films in the Curzon collection and we can see him tackle his life and Americas pioneer history. With The Circus however it is a different kettle of fish all together. This is dealing with Chaplin’s feeling toward fame and it personal¬† connection to him. That might be for some a reading too far but allow me to retort.

The use of a circus and especially the centre stage, tell us much about how Chaplin felt the love of crowds and what he did. They also tell us he did not understand the desire to want to watch his performance but understood what made the audience laugh. Then of course we have the balancing act on the tight rope that is his way of saying that he often had to simply float on a very tight string. This sting was often being attacked by other competitors and by critical voices. These were from his audience and from places that he did not expect, such as fellow performers and staff.¬† Bit much for you? I guessed as much. There is however more. Much more but I will get it in one point. He finished this film with an ending that leaves many unsure. It is like a total change in his temprement and ideals. The lonely Tramp is usual a champion but what of him now? He normally wins the girl but gives her away. He is shuffles along and victory is on his way but now it is almost moving on. Why? Well I do not know. What I do know is that this is a fantastic watch from another great series about a great film maker. Let me know what you think…


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