The Chamber DVD Review

TC1A deep sea submarine drifts down to the ocean bed near the South / North Korea border. Piloted by a member of a transport ship crew with enough experience to guide it along the surface safely, it is however a hazardous mission. This wasnt planned but the bording of the ship by 3 American special forces agents forced the crew to dispatch down to the depths. They have a do or die mission and care only about its completion. Now as they close in on the target, it is becoming clear that the danger to all, on the bottom of the sea is deathly.

TC3I have to give credit where it is due. This is the work of Ben Parker both in writing and directing and he can stand proud at what he has done. The simple truth is that a film like this could have died on its arse but he has managed to keep it just on the right side of that fine line of quality nerve enducing and comic over acting. Tense and contained the film balances a simple story with dynamic action in a confined space. The script is suffication for the narrative and the performances are well played if a little one dimensional. The score adds depth, without being to large scale and the visual scape is occasionally beautiful and interesting (A hard thing to do in one space).

TC2Would I recommend you watch it? Once certainly but be warned. Some will find the middle of this film very over done in acting. They shout and scream but it feels dense and dull. The talking and arm wrangling scenes might put you to sleep if you expect an action packed adventure. The film is a slow burning tense piece that must be watched with care and not haste. As the commentary by director Parker says ‘its a complex piece’ and it is.

Beneath the Surface of The Chamber Featurette
Audio commentary with Director Ben Parker



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