The Burma Conspiracy DVD Review

Based on the Largo Winch comic book series, The Burma Conspiracy is a fun but ultimately bland action-adventure which seems like a pale imitation of the Bond series.

This is the second film adaptation in the series with Tom Sisley playing Largo Winch, the son of a now deceased billionaire who is trying to give his fortune away to charity. Naturally this upsets certain other powerful figures and soon Sharon Stone’s leggy International Prosecutor is on his case as well as other forces.

The best aspects of the Largo Winch series surround the central character himself. Here is a charismatic hero who genuinely has moral character and who’s only aim is to help others, unlike the traditional violent American archetype. Tom Sisley brings the needed allure to the role and creates a character that the audience can really root for.

The action sequences are gripping and fast paced, some of which being far better than Hollywood has shown for many a year. From the opening car chase through a building site to a freefall out an airplane, The Burma Conspiracy has great many well set pieces.

Therefore it is a shame that it is let down by an ambling plot and an over stretched running time. The plot itself is relatively simple; Winch must uncover the conspiracy and find the traitors in amongst his midst. The delivery however is anything but, jumping through time and including so many characters who add little to the script. There is nothing particularly fresh which sets this action thriller apart, following conventions as if from a manual. Whilst the action scenes may be strong, the poor dialogue and acting in-between is dreary making this a very meagre sequel. Even Sharon Stone seems grossly out of place and seems to have only been cast in the role so the film would have wider appeal.

The Extras merely includes a trailer.

Overall The Burma Conspiracy lacks everything which made the first Winch film so novel. The messy and tiresome plot ruins what is essentially a strong premise. Never the less the choreography and inventiveness of the action sequences still make it an enjoyable watch.

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