The Bromley Boys Review

I have lived in and near Bromley for a good portion of my life. Bromley FC were always a standing joke in footballing terms. They were a poor team that often had religious following, often from a very small group of passionate fans. In BROMLEY BOYS young supporter David Roberts (Brenock O’Connor), has taken the team to heart. They are on a losing streak and he wants to save them. However things are going from bad to worse. The clubs about to go bankrupt, the best players about to leave and the manager is about to get sacked.

British comedy has its moments. When it gets to broad, traditional narratives, it works more often then not. BROMLEY BOYS is very much on the right side of this. In truth I would say the whole works very well. However I want to commend the direction. Steve Kelly gives the film a natural, fluid movement. He keeps the cast in control, with them allowed some room but focus (something Bromley FC could have learned from.) Often it is rare to see such skilled work in a director who has only one other credit to his name but Steve I give you a standing ovation. Oh and Bromley were promoted in 2015…


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