The Bletchley Circle San Francisco DVD review

Television series about the second war and its brave or heroic souls, have flooded our screens. Rightly so. However this series returns 14 years later and with less clout or reason then its predecessor. Moving across the Atlantic and into the floriousing Post war America. The original series saw four Blecthley workers take on the Nazi’s and murderers. This series sees two original cast members Millie (Rachael Stirling) and Jean (Julie Graham), travel to San Francisco. They are looking for a former agent and contact  ‘Major Sixth’. They need help in finding a serial murderer who killed in England during the war and seems to be back at it in the US.

I have a few questions on the series and will then answer them. Giving you my review – Why did they need to move it to the US? Well it was simply to garner the US market. The original series did well over there and they wanted to cash in. Which is a nice way of saying that the producers want to make money in a larger market. Is this why it is so unpolitical? This feels like it was made in Trumps America. 1950s San Francisco had no racial issues, no gender issues and certainly no economic issues. The producers were scared I guess of rocking the boat.

They cast diversely but they shy away from telling the story of race struggles. This is also why it is broader and less bolder than the first series. No sexual politics or even a remote whiff or subversion. But this is San Francisco! Home of Subversion!? Though set in San Fran its actually shot in Canada. The cost I guess was too high to shot in the actual location. So the series is not great then? Its wrongly pegged. It is daytime fluff. Think afternoon emptiness for an audience that needs only a wishy washy plot. The acting is good, direction is flat and the whole washes along.

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