The Amazing World of Gumball DVD Review

The Amazing World of Gumball is a sweet-natured show about a kid and his goldfish brother and their life at school and as friends. It is, seemingly by contractual obligation, a crazy, bizarre show where every character is a different species or entity, and anything and everything can happen within the world. It’s skewed towards children, and should have a lot of success on that front: bright colours and silly jokes abound, while the plots hit just the right level for a younger audience, with girlfriends being the scariest thing in the whole show. It zips along at such a pace that adults will barely complain either, even if it can also veer dangerously towards being very annoying.

What marks Gumball out as particularly interesting, however, are the multiple styles of animation thrown in. Set against a real world backdrop, characters are rendered in a variety of different formats. Gumball himself is a 2D, anime-style animal of some sort, but his friends and neighbours are felt puppets, minecraft-alike 3D blocks, Don Hertzfeldt-esque crude 2D drawings and even some stop motion figurines in there, too. Goodness knows the amount of work that must go into each episode, but it is refreshing to see such a commitment to craft in a show aimed at children.

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