The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension Blu-ray Review

The Village people tribute band were terrible...

Buckaroo Bonzai is possibly the greatest living human being in the world both in intellect and in action. He is a world renowned surgeon, particle physician, rock musician and adventurer as well. He also has a comic book named after him. Setting out to break records and prove his place in the history books, he builds a car to take him through the 8th dimension (well through the side of a mountain actually!) Doing this upsets some aliens, who have been monitering him like a hawk because they were convinced he would find the answer to the question. The question is can he find the way through the 8th dimension. They fight, kidnap, kill and then run away before Banzai saves the world….

I dislike this film. To explain why I dislike this film I will need to break it down into 3 points. These points will hopefully allow you the chance to understand what I mean and why I say what I say.

Walking tall...after you finished this I would be running for the hills!

Point 1- The film is regarded as Cult by silly adoration and reminiscences. We all look back on films of our youth with a tinge of soft light and a gleem of nostalgia. I love for instance Biggles. Buckaroo is not one of those fondly remembered films. It has cheap effects, A story line that is so unremarkable and a script that was written by a person on a load of drugs…. I hated the fact that it insults the audience with silly plot devices and an utter disregard for the logic it so proudly boasted of! People remember it for these things more because they probably were not paying attention the first time. Have you seen how much Star Wars drags now you watch it as an adult? That is, like this because you have matured and want to engage with more. Not a whole heap of less…. Stop thinking of this as a cool 80s thing. It is an unflushed toilet.


Point 2 – Famous faces making bad choices and then being used to sell film. Everyone starts somewhere. Here is the ground of five good actors and you can see that they are doing it for the thrill. That and the paycheck they deserved after commiting to this stinker. Add duds music and silly Aliens also to this mix of famous faces. Take it from me, the use of exposition with john Lithgow is the best part of the film. Compare this to its contempoary films and see that Ghostbusters, Indy 2 and Flight of the navigator are much better more smarter films. They have great casts that we all know and are worth revisiting.

Point 3 – Arrow have put better out.Much better in fact. This is like they are looking for the bottom and have hit the shards underneath. They have as always added VFM. The extras are amazing but the film stinks and should have been flushed away.

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