Popular girls get all the crap in life don’t they? First, they get those boyfriends that are all uber mensch types. Bullying and crouch grabbing other men into submission. He beats on you, even when you tell him to hit the road. But this can be over come. You could meet that special guy, with the white teeth smile and blond hair. Like a nazi poster boy. Sadly however the Nazi doctors could implant his brain into something else if he tragically is mauled by a lion. They could put it into the body of an animatronic T-Rex. You know, because one is just hanging around in a secret lab downtown. Then said brain implant, bot T-Rex creature could take you in his arms, small restricted arms that is. He could call you, seduce you. Love you even? Hey anything is possible right? Well this is the movies after all…

Well that is TAMMY AND THE T-REX. The plot sounds as comical as the film is. Which explains why the original release, had a chopping fest with all of the gore and seemingly superfluous blood splatter. When I first saw it, some 20 years ago, in the cut version, I found it bother funny and frivolous. Now, with gore returned and bloody bodies dispatched, I find it anew. It makes for an attempt at horror body comedy. Lacking the punch of the far superior REANIMATOR, it at least mixed the periods obsession with horror, with the same obsession with film past. This creates moments of genuine hilarity, albeit it in the grizzly dispatching department.


101 Films get a lot of stick for the quality of some releases. These ‘experts’ have a few points of note but they also seem to self indulgent. Wanting everything and not understanding the market we are in. This is my opinion and they will dismiss it. However TAMMY looks solid. The 4K doesn’t really show mind. It possibly is that the image feels blown out in places and dampened in others.

Special Features

  • Limited edition booklet: Includes ‘A Teen-Rex Romance’ by Liam Hathaway and ‘Making Monsters: Masters of Animatronics’ by Barry Forshaw
  • Scanned & restored in 4k from its 35mm original camera negative
  • Audio commentary with director Stewart Raffill and producer Diane Kirman
  • Blood, Brains and a Teenage T-Rex – an interview with director Stewart Raffill
  • A Blast from the Past – an interview with actress Denise Richards
  • Having the Guts – an interview with actor Sean Whalen
  • A Testicular Stand-Off – an interview with actor George Pilgrim
  • Full length PG-13 cut of Tammy and the T-Rex (SD)

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