Suburra DVD Review

S1The redevelopment of a prime piece of beach, to turn it into the Las Vegas of Italy is under review. A political party member has to get it through in order to keep his dirty secret under wraps. A local gypsy hood and brother of the gang tries to muscle in on a territory with bribery and is killed. Another local crime boss is trying to hold on to a lucrative property deal but has to contend with southern influence and family pressure. Four interwoven stories about the Italian mafia, political corruption, Prostitution and drugs.

S2My issues with films like Suburra are varied and vast but to get to specifics and for the sack of this review let me be focused. Suburra has the air, texture and stance of a patch work quilt of ideas. It wants to be contemporary and as such uses modern historical settings (Pope Benedict’s resignation). It then wants to be comprehensive in Roman criminality (Corruption, sex, sleaze, drugs and murder are all on display here.) and finally it wants to be violent, sexy and sell able enough for it to cover enough people.

S3In my opinion it fails on a few counts because it tried to be a jack of all trades. It wants to be of a moment and that feels crow barred into its framework. It wants to be comprehensive and that makes it feel like Game of Thrones and a teenage sexual fantasy. It then wants to be popularist and has shootings, neck slashing and beatings galore (some drive the plot and some drive you wild). In all it is too predictable and awful in its execution, which is not helped by the brilliant M83 tracks being ruined and out of place.

Disc has a making of that adds little more than the director will be moving on to bigger and hopefully better things. The behind the scenes is complex however as it crafts the fact that the actors are very good and should have been in a far better film.

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