Stop Making Sense DVD Review

Pyscho killer?

Ive got a tape I want to play for you….David Byrne opens one of the greatest live sets ever recorded with these simply words. A stripped down stage, song and style opens us to prospects. This leads to another voice and another instrument. A clash of sounds and style erupts around us. The wave crash and the drum beats, as the songs flow and the people grow. A vigourous energy springs up and down to greet us at the stage of life. Take ‘Pyscho Killer’, ‘Burning down the house’ and ‘This must be the place’. A dream collision of orchestrated highs, like the world is at once war and gentle ecstasy. Drugs are there sure as the day is longer than the night but it is all magical and the sound is delightful.Demme captures this all with an eye of a native, a voyeur of the type only Hannibal could love. After all 6 years later he met and mastered the very beast and this eye is seen here. He sees that Byrne is the maniac and needs to be let free. The Tom tom club come to give relief but manage to give even more…

Two for scream!

This is sublime. Sheer sublime visual and musical joy that is almost like a sexual experience or a high that is longer than expected. I love Talking Heads and Byrnes magnetic virility. It is to be admired and adored. The slow build, the great songs, the backing singers delight, the guitar riffs, the non stop charge. Maybe driven by cocaine or drugs but as much an energy drawn from the spirit of a sound. Songs so complex, yet so fun, yet so magical. The ability to make a new a format so old. This format worked and so did this movie. Music is a universal connector of people and one that tells its own story of species as a divine element. I am clear that music will be found in any other species in that empty void of space and yes this would be my choice to play to them. Alongside classics and soul, drum and bass and disco…. We needed this now more than ever and yes it is the same as it ever was. Absoultely brilliant….

A genius alone

The DVD is filled with great stuff. Commentaries that are filled with insight and informative points. Extra songs that extend the joy and of course the gallery of press conferences. One hour of a group on the top, high above us and ready to sing these varied illusions. The music video is great as well….Amazing.


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