Spaceship DVD Review

SS1Lucidia is unsure as to what the world or the universe has to offer her. She lost her mother to suicide. Though she was unsure what this did to her mother, she feels it has opened a door to a new reality. The door lets in alien life, abductions, fantasy realms and identity that is separate from the self. So when Lucidia disappears from the face of the earth, her friends see this as another abduction from the aliens. Another alien interference of the human species. However what does it mean to be in a reality that could have this happen.

SS2An idea that has been publicised as one thing but is another, can often anger and annoy. Spaceship is like that. It is sold as a teenage sci-fi film. It is not that. It is a film about growing up, a coming of age film about questioning a reality you are in and what answers this brings. Its disjointed. Its radical in places. Its dull in others. Occasionally has overt direction from Alex Taylor, he does this as he is using young actors but that undermines performances. It looks amazing and Liam Iandoli comes out as the key component of this film.

SS3The disc release has some great extras. The shorts are nice. The commentary is the key piece. The conversations that it brings open the film up to analysis but also allow us to ask more questions. Its an interesting film. For me it is not the best film I have ever seen. It is however the sort of film that asks us questions and answers enough to reward.

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