Snowden Blu Ray Review

SHEADEdward Snowden. Is he an American hero, a spy with the Russians as his friends, a terrorist with an eye to destroy America or just the wrong man at the right time. Edward joins the CIA after an injury forces him out of the army training scheme. He is moved to a tech base and given the option to create a programme that will back up billions of bytes of data for the CIA. When this is used to spy on people and back up their personal data and more, he is fractured and rebellion is his goal.

S2I would have to split this film into two parts. The first is the good stuff. Stone gives us a visually complex space, with little pieces of information to glean. A lovely office in the James Bond like lair and a very interesting pallette in depth of field. The second stuff is the bad stuff. Gordon-Levitt is a good actor but here he is monotonal, dull and so dry it hurts. I was not impressed by his lack of emotion, lack of personailty or range. He is sold short by a script that is average but he makes it show. He has nothing to give us.

S1Woodley is little more than a shadow. She appears fleetingly and rarely that the yeti is almost more photographed. We have a fairly on the ball Quinto, good Leo and a Scots voiced Wilkinson. He is the best thing in this film by a mile. Nic Cage is the other face of note and one that pops up in a few middling scenes. Its like a mixture of actors that want to play for Stone but dont care in what. Snowden is an average film that is so bland to be boring and the extras add nothing to the mix….

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