Nude photos, famous models, murderous ice cream men. This is what you get with the Ozploitation classic SNAPSHOT. Angela (Sigrid Thornton) is a model, well she starts as a hair-dresser but bored by her ex and her mothers demands, she leaps at the chance to be something else. Modelling helps her earn some extra money, but the problems are more broader than she expected. Her obsessive ex is stalking her in his pink ice cream truck. But is he a crazy? Is he monstrous? Or is there more to this?

I would love to start with a homage to the films director Simon Wincer. He directed the excellent HARLEQUIN and the 80s hit D.A.R.Y.L but instead, as this is a Blu Ray review, I will lay this out. If you have the Vinegar Syndrome Blu ray, then you are buying the UK version. 88 Films have purchased the rights and then released it for Region B. They have the same print (more later), same extras (More later) and even the standard version that is extended, that is a study in the HD transfer. Now quickly, SNAPSHOT is a deranged thriller that delivers a lot but makes little sense in its conclusion. By the by, it really does not matter at all! With a tremendous score from Brian May (not that one!) and some excellent direction, it holds up well!


Well I liked the Vinegar Syndrome transfer. This is that. I cant side step this issue and I did mention it before. They have lovingly used the original 35mm and then treated it to a solid (if not unspectacular) restoration. In truth it did not need it to be good. Do yourself a favour though, check out that horrid standard Aussie extended edition. See what we had to endure in the VHS days! The 2K scan melds tone, colour and frame without losing that lovely 70s sheen.


88 Films have treated us to a lovely book and sleeve, booklet with an essay and then all the extras we have seen before. The best is that Simon Wincer, Producer Tony Ginnane, Actress Sigrid Thornton and Cinematographer Vincent Morton, Moderated by Mark Hartley. Hartley skilfully gives everyone a chance, while also eliciting the bunch to detail. I liked it the first time and now the second time.


LIMITED EDITION Slipcase with brand-new artwork
Double-Sided A3 Foldout Poster
Booklet Notes by Andrew Graves
High Definition Blu-ray ™ (1080p) Presentation in 2.35:1 Aspect Ratio from New 2K Scan

Original DTS-HD MA 2.0 Soundtrack

Optional English SDH Subtitles

Audio Commentary by The Hysteria Continues
Audio Commentary by Director Simon Wincer, Producer Tony Ginnane, Actress Sigrid Thornton and Cinematographer Vincent Morton, Moderated by Mark Hartley.
Alternate Extended Australian Cut [SD]

Producing Snapshot – Interview with Tony Ginnane

“Not Quite Hollywood” extended interviews with actress Sigrid Thornton, producer Tony Ginnane, director Simon Wincer, cinematographer Vincent Monton, writer Everett DeRoche, assistant director Tom Burstall, and actress Lynda Stoner

TV Spots


Reversible sleeve featuring brand new artwork and classic ‘The Day After Halloween’ poster art

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